Physiology and biochemistry of the fishes of the Amazon

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A obra tem como conteúdo os peixes da Amazônia envolvidos em um ambiente em constante mudança. Este livro contribui para ampliar nossa compreensão da bioquímica e fisiologia comparativa, em particular a adaptação dos peixes da Amazônia ao seu ambiente.


DESCRIÇÃO: INPA, 1996. ISBN: 85-211-0004-3. Formato: 19x23 Páginas: 402.

AUTORIA: Adalberto L. Val, Vera Maria Almeida-Val e David John Randall.

Volume overview: Physiology and Biochemistry of the fishes of the Amazon 
Ecophysiological aspects of Amazonian blackwater litterbank fish communities 
Electric signalling and communication in weakly 
Reproductive biology of piranhas ( Teleostei, Characiformes)
Larval development in the tambaqui (Colossoma macropomun)
Surviving low oxygem levels: Lessons from fishes of the Amazon 
Hemologlobin adaptations in Amazonian and temperate fish with special 
Acid excretion in Amazonian fish 
The interaction between O² and CO²  exchange in the obligate air 
Ion regulation in ion  poor waters of low pH
Ammonia excretion in fish adapted to an ion-poor environment 
The hemologlobins of two species of the genus Hypophthalmus (Siluriformes, Hypophthalmidae)
Control of ventilation in air - breathing fish
Cardiorespiratory function and aquatic surface respiration in colossoma macropomum exposed to graded and acute hypoxia 
Morpho-functional adaptations of gills in tropical fish 
Ventilatory flow relative to intrabuccal and intraopercular volumes in two ecologically distinct erythrinids (Hoplias malabaricus and Hoplias lacerdae)
Aquatic respiration during hypoxia of the facultative air-breathing Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus. A comparison with the water-breathing Hoplias malabaricus 
Cardiovascular physiology in lungfishes 
Oxygen sensing and metabolic regulation: short, intermediate, and long term roles 
Respiration in fishes of the Amazon: Metabolic adjustments to chronic hypoxia 
Cardiac energy metabolism in teleosts and marine elasmobranchs: Where do freshwater elasmobranchs fit ? 
The metabolic exponent of Hoplosternum littorale in comparison with Indian air-breathing catfish, with methodological investigations on the nature of the metabolic exponent 
Antioxidant defenses in fishes of the Amazon 
Production of superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide in vertebrate tissues 
Antioxidant defenses and mechanisms of protection against oxygen radicals 
Oxidative stress as a biomarker of polluted aquatic sites 
Is there a relationship between orea production and acid-base balance in fish ? 
Control of breathing in fish: Role of chemoreceptors 
A review of B-adrenergic effects of plasma catecholamines on ventilation in fish 
Metabolic fate of N-Ammonia in an Amphibious Ammonotelic teleost, periophthalmus modestus