Biology of tropical fishes

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A obra tem a  intenção em ampliar a nossa compreensão da especialização impressionante de morfologia, bioquímica, fisiologia e comportamento do 

peixe tropical. O mesmo demonstra o quanto torna-se evidente que há uma escassez de informações sobre peixes tropicais em comparação com as espécies de peixes de clima temperado, o que revela uma nova fronteira para o futuro da pesquisa em biologia dos peixes comparativa, deles desenvolveram comparaçaoorganico-enviomental interação em todo o planeta.


DESCRIÇÃO: INPA, 1999. ISBN: 85-211-0013-2 Formato: 17x24cm, Páginas:460

AUTORIA: Adalberto Luís Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida-Val

Volume overview: Biology of Tropical Fish 
The phosphagen sistem in vertebrate muscles: New insights
Detrended Canonical Correspondence
Mechanisms of Signal Analysis in Eigennia (Gymnotiformes): The Jamming Avoidance Response and Communication
Habitat abudance pattens of fish communities in three Amazonian rainforest streams
Recovery of an Amazonian blackwaterfish fauna after extreme drought
The South American lungfish - adaptations to an extreme habitat
Management and diseases of the ornamental fish exported fish exported from the Rio Negro basin
Reproductive behaviour and ecology of two species of Cichlid fishs 
Feeding habits of nine cichlids found in Batata Lake ( Porto Trombetas, PA, Brazil)
Digestibility of seeds consumed by tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum Cuvier, 1818): an experimental approach
Effects of season and arousal state on the novelty response in Gymntus carapo
Temperature and reproduction in Northern fish
Temperature and responsiveness of teleost melanophores
Long- and short-term adaptation of amazon fishs to varying 
Comparison of metabolism in two species of Panaque (Loricariidae)
Anoxia cardiac tolerance in Amazonian and North temperate teleosts is related to the potential to utilize extracellular glucose 
Intraerythrocytic phoshates in 25 fish species of the Amazon: GTP as key factor in the regulation ofHb-02 affintity
Hydrogen peroxide diffusion in fish gills 
Redox properties of hepatic cytochroms from Prochilodus scrofa (Curimatá) a Brazilian fresh water fish
Acute copper exposure in freshwater fish: Morphological and physiological effects
Effects of crude oil on respiretory aspects of some fish species of the Amazon
The necessity of applyintg genetic markers in fish stock management
Potential Ex situ conversation impact to fish biodiversity through the cryopreservation of fish embryos
Comparative aspects of air-breathing fish biology: an agenda for some Neotropical species 
Physiological shunts in gills of teleoste fish: assessment of the evidence 
Aquatic respiration in facultative air-breathing fish: effects of temperature and hypoxia
Hypoxia and blood flow control in fishgills 
Chemoreceptor control of cardiovascular reflexs
Passive ion permeability as alimiting factor for acid-base regulation in fish 
O and CO exchang in fish: The non-linear release of bohr/Haldane protons with oxygenation 
Control of catecholamine secretion from fish chromaffin cells 
Effect of dehydration stres on the respiratory organs of the air-breathing catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)
Swimming performance and seasonality in adult brown trout Salmo trutta: are there imlications for the study of tropical fish?
Inocrease of anaerobc potential during growth of an cichlid, Astronotus ocellatus: Survivorship and LDH regulation after hypoxia exposure
Air-breathing fish evolution, diversity and adaptation by J.B Graham, Academic Press